Welcome to Area FifTEA 1

For an extra expericence!

Area FifTEA 1 is now here!

We are the newest tea shop in the country today. Area FifTEA 1 combines boiling of tea with the added option of allowing our customers to customize their drinks such as the sweetness level and sinkers in a well-designed tea shop ambiance.

Our Milk Teas

Our milk tea is of highly competitive taste. We use authentic products from Taiwan.  Among our bestsellers are : Okinawa, Dark chocolate, Cheesecake, Winter Melon  and Choco Nutella. In our creamy series, we use real cream cheese so you can really taste the difference.

Our Fruit Teas

Our fruit tea is a refreshing drink if one is not keen on having a milk tea. You can also have it with add on Yakult for a healthier mix.

Our Frappes

Not just your regular frappe, as we have also concocted the Fusion Frappe which has two flavors in one. You can enjoy it with pearl, coffee jelly and crystal.

Be one of our partners!

You are more than welcome to venture in any of our business opportunities offered. Let's sit down for a frappe and talk it over!

Clients Opinions

Read what our clients says for our services.

Jesica Ann Balitar

I will recommend this branch to my friends. Super bait and welcoming ang staffs. Babalik ako for sure! Hehe! About sa milk tea, big thumbs upppp!

Judy Gracia Ong

Super love the ambiance of the place! Truly accommodating ang mga staff! Personal favorite ko ang blueberry fruit tea at matcha milktea nila!

Isa Novicio

Masarap at hindi tinipid ang lasa ng milk tea!!!

Michelle Ayon

I love their milk tea, specially the Okinawa! Very accommodating staffs. Sarap balik-balikan!

Charmaine Rush Caparas

Eto yung sarap na di pagsasawaan... Simula sa tapa, sisig, carbonara, milktea at ngayong wings na ubod ng sarap!!!